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Eye Health Information

Take a look though our pages on eye health. Information about the eye, pinhole glasses, eye exercises, Myopia, Presibiopia and more. 

The Human Eye

Introducing the human eye. The purpose of the eye is to form a clear image of the object being viewed on the retina, and then to pass this to the brain for processing. The human eye, like a camera, does this with lenses... CLICK TO VIEW PAGE >>

Pinhole Glasses

What are Trayner Pinhole Glasses? Trayner pinhole glasses consist of conventional spectacle frames with the lenses replaced by opaque screens containing lots of small holes. Looking through the pinholes immediately makes blurred... CLICK TO VIEW PAGE >>

Eye Exercise

Eye Exercise. 

Here are some eye exercises you can use to complement you Trayner glasses.

Start with 5 minutes a day, later you may wish to increase to 5 minutes twice a day. These exercises are best done without glasses... CLICK TO VIEW PAGE >>

Myopia - Near Sight

What is Myopia? You have myopia if you can focus close to without help but you need glasses for driving, Watching TV or to read a blackboard. Your eyeballs are longer than normal so you cannot... CLICK TO VIEW PAGE >>

Presbyopia - Small Print Problems

What is Presbyopia? From about forty years old it gets more difficult to focus close to. This is Presbyopia. Why do I have Presbyopia? The flexible lens inside the eye gets stiffer all through our lives. After 40 the muscle which... CLICK TO VIEW PAGE >>

Eye Nutrition

Eye Nutrition. A healthy well-balanced diet is of great importance if you wish to maintain or improve your vision. Base your diet on wholefoods, eating plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and dairy products and... CLICK TO VIEW PAGE >>

Hyperopia - Long Sight

What is Long Sight? If you have needed help to focus close to since you were young but can see better far away then you have Long Sight. Why do I have Hyperopia? Hyperopia is normally inherited. What can I do about Hyperopia? ... CLICK TO VIEW PAGE >>​​


What is astigmatism? Astigmatism is a condition where parts of the eye curve more sharply in one direction than they do in another. This means the eye cannot form a sharp image at any distance. It is usually treated with special lenses with some... CLICK TO VIEW PAGE >>​​

Eye Strain

Unbalanced Eyes and Eyestrain. Some people have eyes that focus differently to each other. If the eyes cannot work together the world will be perceived without any depth. If the imbalance is mild the only symptom may be a tendency to get headaches or eyestrain when ... CLICK TO VIEW PAGE >>​​


Why are computer screens a problem? The eyes of computer users spend a lot of time focused at the distance of the screen. This can be stressful for the muscles of the eyes which can cause a build up of tension around the eyes leading to sore eyes and even headaches. If it is... CLICK TO VIEW PAGE >>​​


Glossary of eyesight terms Accommodation: the eye's process of adjusting its focus from far to near.
Acuity: the fineness of detail the eye can distinguish, see resolution
AMD: Age related Macular Degeneration: see macular degeneration
Astigmatism: a focusing distortion which ... CLICK TO VIEW PAGE >>​​

Trayner Pinhole Glasses

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