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What the papers say:

Eye strain
News of The World 'DOES IT WORK?' - Trayner Pinhole Glasses

''I wore them every day for 15 minutes and after a month, my eyes were stronger and clearer. My eyestrain and headaches have gone and my eyes feel so rested when I take them off. I'm hooked and will continue to use them.''

Woman's Own 'Pinhole Glasses - we test them'

''I feel they've strengthened my eyes and if I give it a bit longer, I might be able to bin my prescription glasses for good." "There has been a slight improvement in my eyesight since I've been wearing them. Lately, I've been able to watch TV without wearing my prescription glasses.''

Daily Mail - 'Pinhole glasses put my eyesight back into focus'

'Maggie Gold, 53, from West Hampstead, London, is a partner in a property development company and has been using the pinhole glasses for more than five years. Last year an optician told her that she no longer needed to wear spectacles as her eyesight has returned to a healthy 20/20 vision.' She says: "I began wearing the alternative glasses when I was doing close work or reading a book as my vision was blurring over. I already had short sightedness and astigmatism and had been wearing glasses for 20 years.''


What users say

"Over the last 18 months I have been doing some reading and some TV viewing as advised. This January when I had my eyes tested the prescription for the right eye was weaker than previously and that of my left eye has stayed the same. After wearing glasses for 30 years and with the prescription getting progressively stronger over the last 10 years I was very pleased with the result." Lorna Mills (Oldham)

"I wore a pair of Trayner pinhole glasses mostly for reading and TV. When I had my glasses changed a few months back (bifocals) the man testing my sight was amazed to find my prescription for both long and short sight had improved 50%." James Turner (Cheltenham)

"May I say how very pleased I have been with them. By reading the paper each morning using the glasses, I find my eyes have 'woken up' and I almost never need any other use of spectacles. This is after eight years of total dependence." Derry Jones (North Yorks)

"I have been wearing glasses for reading and driving for over 30 years, I am 65 years old. Well now I find I do not have to use my real glasses, but if I find when I read the morning papers and its not as clear as I like, I use your Trayner pinhole glasses for 10 minutes for 3 or 4 evenings and it corrects it lovely. In fact, I seem to have mislaid both my driving and reading glasses." John D.C.Rhodes ( Middx)

"Every time my eyesight goes down a bit I wear the Trayner pinhole glasses for a couple of weeks and my eyesight goes back to normal." Mrs C.Pegoraro (Oxford)

"Now, with Trayner pinhole glasses, I can read the smallest imaginable type, and thread needles, even in artificial light, and would not dream of going anywhere without them. Far more than 'exercise' glasses, they have replaced my optician's spectacles. I cannot thank you enough for marketing such a wonderful invention." Ginny Barnfield (Bristol)


"I use your glasses with my computer and could not do without them." David F. Peters - Ellis (Gloucester.)

"Not only did they help eyestrain but they seemed to protect my eyes when I was using the computer. Before they would get bloodshot and itchy after I'd been looking at the screen for a while. But when I used the pinholes those symptoms no longer occurred." Maggie Gold (London)

"I am a fan of Trayner pinhole glasses. I wear them for a certain amount of time every day and I believe they have been instrumental in improving my eyesight, which was on a downward curve before I found them." Julian Roberts (London)

"I loaned a pair of your glasses to my mother (78) to try, they transformed her vision for watching TV. Please send my replacement A.S.A.P." C.D.Turner

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Trayner Pinhole Glasses

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