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Eye Strain

Unbalanced Eyes and Eyestrain.

Peter Duthie

Some people have eyes that focus differently to each other. If the eyes cannot work together the world will be perceived without any depth. If the imbalance is mild the only symptom may be a tendency to get headaches or eyestrain when reading. This is basically a sign that the brain is having difficulty merging the images from the two eyes together, one is sharp the other fuzzy. The brain tenses the muscles around the outside of the eyes as it tries to steady them to get better images. The muscles start to ache after a while. Use Trayner pinhole glasses to encourage the eyes to work together.

In some cases the imbalance is sufficient for one eye to be long-sighted and the other short-sighted; The eyes have become specialised. The brain uses one eye for the distance and the other for close work. In these cases it is necessary to exercise the eyes individually. Use Trayner pinhole glasses to help bring the eyes back into balance.

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