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Our glasses can help with most focusing problems, even if you already use spectacles or lenses.

Is your vision as good as it used to be?

Improve your eyesight naturally


Our pinhole glasses have been developed from the traditional pinhole principal used in some eye tests. Our scientific research has enabled us to maximise their vision improvement effect.

Many Trayner users have found they can give up their conventional glasses.

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With all our models assembled here in the uk, you are guaranteed a product of the highest quality. We oversee the production of the lenses ourselves to ensure that they meet our high standards, with the pinhole correctly sized. Buy Trayner Pinhole Glasses for a long lasting, quality product. 



Our prices have remained consistently low, making sure that our products are affordable for every buyer. We stock models that vary in price, with some more fashionable versions, whilst always keeping the classic cheaper styles available for the money conscious buyer.  

"May I say how very pleased I have been with them. By reading the paper each morning using the glasses, I find my eyes have 'woken up' and I almost never need any other use of spectacles. This is after eight years of total dependence." Derry Jones (North Yorks)

Our users say...

"I am a fan of Trayner pinhole glasses. I wear them for a certain amount of time every day and I believe they have been instrumental in improving my eyesight, which was on a downward curve before I found them." Julian Roberts (London)

''I wore them every day for 15 minutes and after a month, my eyes were stronger and clearer. My eyestrain and headaches have gone and my eyes feel so rested when I take them off. I'm hooked and will continue to use them.'' News of The World. 

Trayner Pinhole Glasses

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